2008 American Eagle Silver Uncirulated

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by flyers10, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. flyers10

    flyers10 Collector of US Coinage

    Just got an email from the mint that they will be processing my order in about 2 weeks for these coins. Here is the price:

    NOTE: Due to the increase in the cost of silver, the 2008 American
    Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coin is priced at $25.95.

    Only 4 bucks more than last year. Not to bad I guess considering the price of silver now.
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  3. justforthis06

    justforthis06 New Member

    Hm...I wonder would it be a smart thing to do to order the 2008 Silver quarters now or to wait until the whole set is availbe with everything else?
  4. kneil3

    kneil3 Senior Member

    I was just getting on to say that I got that email as well. The only problem is I do not have a subscription to the unc. only the proof. Has this happened before?
  5. flyers10

    flyers10 Collector of US Coinage

    Sorry. Title should of been 2008 American Eagle Silver uncirculated Dollar. It is the 1 ounce bullion coin that the mint sells directly which has the W mint mark. Those are only availabe as a single item. Not in sets. Price this year $25.95.
  6. flyers10

    flyers10 Collector of US Coinage

    I've seen them screw up the quanity before but not the item. Well first for everything. Mine did say 2008 American Eagle Silver Uncirculated. Quantity only said 2 though (that's how many I get of the Proofs) when I have 15 on the subscription. Probably see a correction email out in a few days.
  7. justforthis06

    justforthis06 New Member

    I know, but I was saying that if they raised the price of that because of the price of silver, would it be wise to get the state quarter silver set now at its current price, vs when they come out with the complete set in (i think) august and a possible higher price?
  8. flyers10

    flyers10 Collector of US Coinage

    The 5 quarters melt for almost 18 bucks now and the sale price at the mint is 25.95. Guess if you really wanted the silver proof quarters now would be a good time before the jack the price up.
  9. pbryan

    pbryan Member

    Same thing here... I got the same e-mail today, but I only have a sub for the proof...


  10. elaine 1970

    elaine 1970 material girl

    am eagle vs: statehood quarter

    one ounce of 2008 american eagle (w) uncirculated silver dollar cost $25.95. while the 2008 five pieces statehood silver quarter proof contained 0.904 ounce cost also $25.95. which one is better?. you have one ounce vs: 0.904 ounce but then you get uncirculated vs: proof. well. i think it is fair to say equal for both. the only way to look will be the mintage of each other. and again. it seems both can have over 1,000,000 pc. in the end. i will pass it.
  11. kneil3

    kneil3 Senior Member

    I called them and they said that the email was an error and to disregard it. The guy said they have been getting alot of calls on it.
  12. Cloudsweeper99

    Cloudsweeper99 Treasure Hunter

    When will the 2008-w silver eagle be available? I don't see it on the website.
  13. justforthis06

    justforthis06 New Member

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