2006-S Sacagawea (sp?) Proof doubled die?`

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by dhegler, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. dhegler

    dhegler Junior Member

    Is this error common or discovered? I JUST bought a 2006 proof set and silver proof set for my 18-month old so he will always have a proof set, and a silver proof set for special occasion years (like his birth). I have went over each of these coins and I am 99% sure I have a Sacagawea 2006-S <doubled die> proof as part of the silver proof set I purchased. Both these sets came off EBAY since the Mint was sold out of course.

    Anyway, I see separation in the lettering IN GOD WE TRUST, LIBERTY, and (maybe!) the date. It is more pronounced on the left side of the obverse and nothing on teh reverse - looks normal. It has the "weak" strike (or whatever you would call it) to the east of the main strike.

    I have looked at this 10 times tonight and couldn't believe it. I was thinking "wouldn't it be cool to find an error on a proof!", then I realized if it came from EBay, certainly the dealer would have checked.

    Anyway, if this is what it is, is there any decent value to it? Is there intrinsic value to the set since it contained the proof error? All teh other coins appear 100% normal in both sets.

    I tried to take pictures tonight, but nothing is coming out with my macro feature on my digital camera. Wish I could for you! Does anyone have links to anythign regarding this potential obverse doubled die? Is that even what it is called?
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  3. dhegler

    dhegler Junior Member

    Also, what is ultra cameo, deep cameo, etc? Is that how strong (deep) the strike was?
  4. dhegler

    dhegler Junior Member

    Been looking on EBay, googel, etc and can't seem to find anything on this...

    How is it even possible that the lettering (minus the date I think) can be doubled, but the picture looks 100% fine?
  5. craton

    craton New Member

    Need pics. Most likely some form of strike doubling or some other form of NON hub doubling.
  6. dhegler

    dhegler Junior Member

    Any tips on taking pictures of your error coins? I have a 3MP Fuji P-a-S digital with a macro feature, but doesn't seem to be enough magnification. I also have a Digital Rebel XTi with a few lenses, but no macro lens.
  7. tonylynch

    tonylynch RMO Collector

    Do you have the 18-55 mm lens? You can get reasonably close with it...that's what I use for my shots...(http://http://www.cointalk.org/showthread.php?t=35109) I use a tripod and external light source. The lens is about 11 inches from the coin. If you don't have the remote, you'll want to use the timer to eliminate any camera shake. Not the best solution, but it works.
  8. dhegler

    dhegler Junior Member

    I will see if I can do that sometime this week. I do have a 14-35 or so that I could try, as well as a 50mm/1.8 for my canon XTi. I also have a remote and a variety of tripods, so we'll see how well I can do. I don't have an external light source, but I could use my Black and Decker white LED light source if needed.

    Also, my Sacagawea proof looks very similar to the 1963 quarter someone just posted - in teh IN GOD WE TRUST. Mine has a slight spread to the right, rather than to the left, as it looks like in his.

    Once I get a decent pic, I will try to post.

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