WTS: 2001 AGE, 1853 Quarter Eagle & Dos Pesos Gold Coin Pendant

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by fretboard, Jul 26, 2021.

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    Today I’m selling a 2001 American Gold Eagle Coin in original top shelf packaging! Price for this 1/10th is $250! Second coin is an 1853 Quarter Eagle Gold Coin, $2.50 Liberty Head with industrial strength circulation wear! :) Asking price for the 1853 is $325! Last item is a 1945 Dos Pesos Gold Coin Pendant in a 14k bezel, total weight is 3.6 grams and price is $250, there’s at least two of these exact pendants on the bay, check the prices if you want! Free delivery with tracking to your door with US addresses only. If you have any questions, you want more pics, make an offer, shoot me a private message. I have excellent references right here on CoinTalk upon request. Thank you

    1126180a.JPG 1126180b.JPG 1126180d.JPG 1126180e.JPG liberty1853a.jpg liberty1853b.jpg 112612088a.jpg 112612088b.jpg 112612088c.jpg 112612088d.jpg

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