2000 Lincoln Cent struck on a dime....

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by dbeck22, May 18, 2018.

  1. dbeck22

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    I found this 2000 Lincoln cent and yes it does have some zinc rot on the edge, but that is not what is causing the weight to be so far off.
    The coin weighs 2.29 so I am thinking it's a dime.

    If you look, you can slightly make out an image of Roosevelt. (or where he is supposed to be on the coin) You can also see some lettering that is not on a lincoln cent.

    If you look close at the edge, the coin is very thin just like a dime.And you can also see where the coin had a reeded edge.

    What do you all think? And if I am correct.... would there still be value in the coin considering the condition? 20180518_071243.jpg 20180518_071336.jpg 20180518_071445.jpg 20180518_071507.jpg 20180518_071631.jpg 20180518_071741.jpg 20180518_072507.jpg 20180518_072443.jpg
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  3. paddyman98

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    All PMD - Post Mint Damage
    Just a normal Copper Plated Zinc.

    Loss of Zinc due to exposed copper will make it weigh less. Edge is just damage.. not reeding.

    If it were struck on a Dime it would be smaller in diameter and thinner like a Dime.

    Sorry not a Mint Error
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  4. *coins

    *coins Well-Known Member

    It would be silver colored if it is a dime.
  5. rickmp

    rickmp Frequently flatulent.

    If it has zinc rot, it cannot possibly have been struck on a dime planchet. Dimes do not contain zinc.
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  6. APX78

    APX78 Active Member

    I agree with the others. It is just a damaged cent.:)
  7. Dale Lassiter

    Dale Lassiter Member

    I don't think you have anything there ,,, Sorry !!!
  8. Prez2

    Prez2 Active Member

    I think just a very beaten cent.
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