$20 Consecutive Bills

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by saucejon1983, Aug 26, 2012.

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    PM sent.
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  3. CaptainMK

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    Consecutive bills can be found everywhere, so they are common. I can go today and ask for a strap of fresh bills at my local bank. I find that ATM's have a better chance of getting fresh crisp bills, less chance for hangups due to variance in circulated bills in the machine.

    Unless the notes you received have a "fancy" serial number or a star note, they are spenders. Star notes in consecutive order are desirable for sure and would not hesitate to place them on ebay only if they were crisp unc. Birthday note consecutive order sell well too. Hope this helps.
  4. NOS

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    It says this because the BEP has been behind on releasing monthly production reports: https://www.moneyfactory.gov/resources/productionmonthly.html.

    So as can be seen, with the exception of May, reports have not been released since January. When reports are delayed from being released like this, the public is reliant on finding out about newly-printed serial ranges from what is found in circulation by people like you and me.

    Your notes were printed sometime after January because they do not appear in any report from before then. While unlikely, it is possible you are the first person to have found and reported notes from this run of star notes. The BEP claims the delay is on account of their preparation to transition into a new report-compilation model.
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  5. TheFinn

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    Inflation will decrease their value faster than collectibility. Spend while they're still worth something.
  6. Garrett Zwart

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    I just pulled two runs from the atm . 13 2013 $20's in order from MI 86043654 A up to MI 86043666 A. And a second run of 2013 $20's MI 86043819 A up 825 A. Anything of significance here. I've never collected before and have zero knowledge on the subject. Save them or head for the casino? Thanks for your time!
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