2 rare 2s - Prow left Sextans & VNCIA II / ૪ B scale weight

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by rrdenarius, Apr 12, 2021.

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    I spend most of my coin time looking for cast bronze coins and scale weights. In the last 2 years, I found two uncommon 2's. The coin arrived last year and I posted it then. The scale weight arrived today, 2 months after the auction (but it seemed like longer).
    Barrel weight; on the top, the value is shown in Greek script, ૪ B. The Latin II VNCIA is extremely unusual and shown on the side. The letters have silver inlays. Finding one with silver is unusual.
    Dm. 2.5 cm
    53.23 grams (319.4 eq As)
    Bendall 31 has ૪ B on top, but no side lettering. Some weights show side lettering. Bendall has no weights with VNCIA.
    Pondera has pictures of 10 barrel weights with ૪ B and one with VNCIA II.
    I think the weight was cleaned (over cleaned) and re-patinaed. Lots of museum items are done this way. If the weight had been a cast or struck bronze coin, folks here would expect a note by the seller.

    Comparing coins and the scale weight.

    the weights for comparison:
    Prow left Sextans - 46.3 grams = 278 eq As
    Shell / Knucklebone Biunex - 75.4 grams = 377 eq As
    Scale Weight - 53.2 grams = 319 eq As
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  3. akeady

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    Very unusual!

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  4. Nicholas Molinari

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    All I can say is wow!
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  5. ancientcoinguru

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    I am intrigued by scale weights, and I have never seen one like that, it’s awesome!!
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  6. rrdenarius

    rrdenarius non omnibus dormio Supporter

    This is the first one in my collection:
    with Greek and Latin letters
    with letters on the side​
    Roman / Byzantine weights changed with time. The oldest weights in my collection have VNCIA (ounce) and a Roman number (I, II, IV). Later weights use ૪ or Γ for ounce and a letter for the number. I have had the three and six ounce weights for a while. I picked up a one ounce weight in a lot and have been looking for a II VNCIA weight for a while. I am still looking for a IIII or IV VNCIA barrel weight.
  7. Cucumbor

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    Impressive and massive, wow !

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