2 new United States coins, check out!

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Mukremin, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Mukremin

    Mukremin Junior Member

    hey i recieved these 2 coins today, i payed a total of 2 euros for both. Is it a good buy? i made some pictures, hope you can identify,grade and give a value to it. thanks

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  3. se-collectibles

    se-collectibles Collector Extraordinaire

    Looks like a fair buy. Both usually sell for about USD$1 each, the dime maybe a bit more depending on the price of silver.
  4. mpcusa

    mpcusa "Official C.T. TROLL SWEEPER"

    Nice! A little more detail would help on the pics :)
  5. Mukremin

    Mukremin Junior Member

    its the best i can do, its a bit better when you click on the pictures. Not perfect but good for grading i think?
  6. Duke Kavanaugh

    Duke Kavanaugh The Big Coin Hunter

  7. shariqkhan

    shariqkhan Junior Member

  8. FreezerBurn

    FreezerBurn Member

    2 Euros is about $2.70 USD. A good price and very nice pictures of the Mercury Dime. They are one of my favorite US coins.
  9. Mukremin

    Mukremin Junior Member

    yeah... they are very attractive, want to buy more.grr
  10. FreezerBurn

    FreezerBurn Member

    I have to laugh. I am not accustomed to thinking of US coins as World coins too. Narrow-minded American me. :eek:
  11. Mukremin

    Mukremin Junior Member

    be proud :D everyone should...
  12. boxerchip

    boxerchip Runnin' Buffalo

    Nice pickup! PS- just give in and buy more... one of the only hobbies you can indulge in 100% and recover 100% of your actual investment in the hobby... and if things go well, and you buy smart you could do better than 100%... imagine that, fun and profit all in one... I <3 coins :p
  13. Coinman1974

    Coinman1974 Research, Research, Research

    Very nice buy! Do you have A Guide Book of United States Coins by R.S. Yeoman, aka "The Red Book?" if not buy one, there usually got for about $12.00-$14.00 USD. This way you will have a better understand of U.S. Coin prices. If you want check out Ebay, there are a ton of them on there.

  14. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    G-4 on the Liberty nickel

    VF-20 on the mercury dime

    Nice pickup...:)
  15. LewR

    LewR Junior Member

    I could cry when I think of 10 cents - put in the bank for 68 years at 4% - would yield 1.50 dollars - and you say it is worth only a dollar as a collectable?

    Oh well ...
  16. Mukremin

    Mukremin Junior Member

    thanks for the feedback, i will try my best to expand my US coin collection. I bought another liberty and a coin with indian head. ill post them here soon. will search that book also, thanks again
  17. CheetahCats

    CheetahCats Colonial & Early American

    I concur. Nice buy!
  18. jamesmorgans10

    jamesmorgans10 Junior Member

    Buy the best looking coins you see at the cheapest price u can get them for.
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