(2) jefferson nickel,(die-cracks) !

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  1. chasindreams

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    Here are (2) Jefferson Die Crack(s) I wanted to show Jeff/Collectors. (The 1942-S an' the 1944-S Jeffersons). Bernard Nagengast mentioned in his book,"The Jefferson Nickel Analyst". These Die Varieties' have the Die-break extending through the "S" Mintmark, creating a Dollar-Sign ($) Look to it.
    What makes this a lil' more of a Rarity'to me, is the fact, that this 1942-S' seems to have (2) Separate Die Cracks (?)
    The 1st Die-Crack is from 12:00 down to the Dome. The 2nd Die-Crack is
    from about 5:00 up through the Building,(almost parallel to the plane
    of the 1st- Die-Crack.
    Also for the 1944-S Jefferson,in (some) of these Die's, the Crack goes
    right-thru- the Step-area.(which this doesn't).These (2) San Francisco mint-dates, (42-S + 44-S) are well-known in this series. Now,are there
    anyone out here,that might have more information on these Die-Crack
    How many are actually out there ? How many have already been collected, is anybody's guess. I wouldn't think there are many to begin with! I was taken-in,on just how Brilliant/Flashy,An'white these are. For a Silver War-Time Jefferson's, these coins deserve recognition. I've added Photo(s) of these Jefferson Nickles,(Enjoy! :high5: / by Chasindreams

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  3. lincolncent

    lincolncent Future Storm Chaser Guy

    AMAZING COINS!!!!:yawn: As for the die cracks, I have heard of cracks in wartime nickels before but they shouldn't be too terrible common. Yours being in amazing condition definately helps the value side.
  4. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    Very cool - not sure any premium is associated with it, but I bet it draws bidders just for that reason. I like them and yours are on such nice coins.

    ERROR HUNTER Coins,Stamps

    I know where there is a mint state 1943 cent with die cracks.
  6. borgovan

    borgovan Supporter**

    Very nice examples. Thanks for sharing!
  7. fretboard

    fretboard Defender of Old Coinage

    Nice die crack, straight down almost! I'm glad to learn something I never knew about war nickels. That gives me something else to keep an eye out for, good deal!
  8. Lehigh96

    Lehigh96 Toning Enthusiast

    The only problem is that the die crack is not very prominent and is very difficult to see even in good photographs. The die crack running through Monticello is much bolder.



    Although I think die cracks are cool, they are not something that I would ever consider paying a premium for. They typically indicate a late die state. While the present coin is the exception, my guess is that most of these LDS Jeffersons did not make the grade to warrant encapsulation. I have no doubt that these are very easy to find in the lower mint state grades given the number of rolls that exist for all date/mm.
  9. chasindreams

    chasindreams Member

    Thank you, Borgovan you made my day! It was my pleasure to show these to you and other interested collectors, that being ,,,,very worthwhile! / chasindreams
  10. chasindreams

    chasindreams Member

    It was my pleasure ! Glad you enjoyed it ! / chasindreams
  11. chasindreams

    chasindreams Member

    Thanks Mark, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them. /chasindreams
  12. Space 4 Rent

    Space 4 Rent Uber-Collector

    I just picked up an awesome set of Jeff War Nickels off eBay last week and the 1944-S has the same exact die crack running down through the S and down to the rim. I am lousy at pictures, but will try.

    I personally really like the character that the die crack gives it. Although I agree that I would not have paid a premium for the coin. The set was not advertised as having the die crack, so it was moot in terms of this sale.
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