$2 Bill Uncut Sheets Will Not Be Available Until Spring Od 2012

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Drago the Wolf, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Drago the Wolf

    Drago the Wolf Junior Member

    With all of this action being taken, to try to replace the $1 bill with the dollar coin, this is really getting me to wonder, are they waiting to see how those plans go, so that, maybe they could issue redesigned Series 2009 $2 bills instead of the old design, to let people know that the $2 denomination is still a current denomination? I know its a long shot, but it would be neat if the Treasury shocked us, and came out with a new $2 bill design. Unfortunately, there has been no talk of an unveiling date for a new $2 bill design, so its probably pretty doubtful that they would just issue a design without a few months notice and unveiling. :(
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  3. jlg1130

    jlg1130 New Member

    It's pretty doubtful that they would redesign the $2, which is fine by me, because one of the reasons the $2 is my favorite denomination, is because of it's design. It currently features (I believe) the oldest obverse design, and the second oldest reverse design of all denoms of US notes in circulation.

    I'm a history buff, so I find that kind of cool.

    The spring 2012 date for the uncut sheets is most likely, as you stated, a roundabout time that the BEP threw out there, because that's when they anticipate the new Series 2009 $2's to be in production.
  4. tbudwiser

    tbudwiser Active Member

    Wow, I never thought about the $2 quite like that, jlg1130!
    IMO, if they were goinig to redesign the $2 by mid next year, they would have already released what to expect of the new design. Don't you guys agree?
  5. ronterry

    ronterry New Member

    I think the $2 is very relevant for circulation now, since everything has doubled at the grocery store :eek:
    Does it need to be redesigned? No, it's not exactly on a counterfeiters hit list. So really the only people who what it redesigned would be us.
    Fiscally speaking, they could do with a little less ink on the note, but that would be sacrilege! But expect it if they did redesign it, and the government would make it look like ... well crap... Anyone notice the back of the new big head & color notes? It looks like crap compared to the small portrait version.
  6. jlg1130

    jlg1130 New Member

    The names Jason, Travis. You can call me Jay, though. :)

    Also, yes, I agree. If the $2 were going to be redesigned, it would have already been announced. The current $2 is already looked at suspiciously by some folks who are unaware that the note still circulates.
    The BEP would likely have much fanfare surrounding a new $2 note, if, for no other reason, so the public would know about it.

    Also, Ron, I agree totally about the current notes vs. the older small head designs. First, if the government were to redesign the $2, the new design would most likely not be able to hold a candle to the current design. I greatly prefer the older small head designs, and hope that the BEP doesn't redesign the $2.

    That said, I do like some of the newer colorized notes. The current $5 and $50 notes, for example, are nice to look at, IMO ( I still prefer small heads, though).

    However, I really don't care to much for the non colorized big heads. They just look so drab in comparison to other generations.
  7. tbudwiser

    tbudwiser Active Member


    I don't really care for the colorized $5's or $10's. I like the $20's and $50's though. Still, as you said, I prefer the small heads over all. I didn't like the non-colorized big heads, but I must admit that they would be good to collect because of the low production. I already don't hardly see any non-colorized big head $10's.
  8. jlg1130

    jlg1130 New Member


    I would agree with you on the colorized $10's. I'm not terribly fond of those, either.
    The $5's, $20's, and $50's, I do like, though.
  9. Drago the Wolf

    Drago the Wolf Junior Member

    Well, Travis and Jason,

    Do either of you like the new colorized $100 bill that may never make it into our hands, at the rate its going? :D

    I disagree with not redesigning the $2 (and $1 bill if we keep it). I would love to see a colorized, big head $1 and $2 bill, and I also would have liked to have seen non-colorized big head $1 and $2 bills with the first redesign. Like I said, back in 1996, when they started the first redesign, there were plans to redesign the $1 and $2 bills, and I can not, for the life of me, understand just "why" they scrapped those plans, and I was very disappointed when I found out, but as for the $1 bill, I believe it had to do with the vending induustry and small businesses, who complained about all of the dollar bill readers that took only $1 bills that they would have to reprogram for a new design, and some machines would have to be scrapped, because they could not be reprogramed. As for the $2 bill, I have heard that lack of use was the excuse for scrapping its redesign, however, as I said, the $1 and $2 bills SHOULD be redesigned every time the $5 and up are redesigned, but, did you know that, for a while, there were no plans to redesign the non-colorized big head $5 bill, until the government uncovered that problem with counterfeiters bleaching $5 bills and printing $100 bills on the paper due to the $5 and $100s security features being so close together in position? That would have been even worse having three different designs of U.S. currency circulating. Two designs is bad enough.
  10. immytay1

    immytay1 Member

    the reason the $2 bill Uncut sheets wont be available until Spring 2012 is the current supply will be probably be low enough by then that a printing will be needed.
  11. jlg1130

    jlg1130 New Member

    Haha, well, I rarely see $100's anyway, so it doesn't make much of a difference to me, when the new note is released. They have put it off for quite a while, though.

    I think it looks alright. I'm not a very big fan of the huge, gold "100" across the reverse of the note. In order to give an accurate opinion, though, I'd have to have one in hand.....and like I said, even when these notes are released, I don't usually have $100's, so it would be a while before I got one, anyway.
  12. tbudwiser

    tbudwiser Active Member

    +1 I don't care for the huge gold $100 but I think the rest looks awesome. $100's don't pass thru these hands much anyways so it doesn't make a huge difference to me. I think they will most deffinetely look WAY better than the current big head $100's because I hate those things!
  13. jlg1130

    jlg1130 New Member

    I would have to agree with you, tbud.

    I've never liked the no color big heads, and the sooner they phase out that style $100, the better.
  14. airraid1999

    airraid1999 Member

    i also collect 2$ bills where will a 2$ sheet be available? like to have 1 or 2 have several stacks of undisturbed consecutive serial # that are crisp lmk when and how to get a sheet
  15. Searcher64

    Searcher64 Member

    The USA could do the same thing that Canada and Australia did, both got rid of the one and the two dollar bills, and use the $1.00 and $2.00 coins now. But, the way that the Gov. works, it will not act on it anytime soon.
  16. johnny2dollar

    johnny2dollar Collector of BEP $2 note collectibles

    I think the $2 bill is cool, but I have to agree with you. The $1 and $2 for practical purposes should go away. A dollar coin is fine. I don't think we really need a $2 coin. Frankly, I would like to see most coins go away. There isn't much I can buy for a penny, or nickle. :) I would be happy to see everything rounded to the nearest dime
  17. AlanFromRoc

    AlanFromRoc New Member

    I like the $2. a lot.
    I figure a paper $2 would be a good compromise in the debate over paper $1s or $1 coins.

    no uncut sheets until mid-2012 probably means no circulation production until mid-2012 either.

    The $2 is fine the way it is IMHO.
    I like both the small-head and colorized large-head designs, but do not care for the non-colorized large-head designs. The small-heads are very rare and the non-colorized large-heads are becoming fairly rare.
  18. TheKid

    TheKid New Member

    I love the $2 bill and spend them daily. I am all for replacing the $1 bill with the $1 coin as the would solve the register issues. $2 replaces empty $1 slot and $1 coins replace slot that occupies paper clips.

    Still amazes me to this day that people simply pocket the $2 and won't release it back into circulation. I like the current design and hope they keep producing the $2 and everyone gets educated and begins using them. We need a massive media teaching on that the $2 bill is not rare and should be accepted.

    /end rant
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