WTS: 2-1921 Peace dollars $107 shipped, 1 gram Pamp 24k gold bar- $45 shipped

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    I have the following up for sale which is just about the last of the 90% from the collection I've been parting out. Photos below of actual coins/items.

    *Note prices listed for Payment by no fee paypal*, please add +3% to total for regular Paypal payment or to be invoiced through Paypal. Shipping within U.S. only by USPS Priority, will not hold/reserve lots, pm me if interested.

    Note I will combine ship multiple lots for only one $7 shipping charge, except 1 gram pamp bar will discount only $2 if combined.

    As always pm me if interested, for questions, if you want references, etc.
    Thanks, Will

    2-1921 Peace dollars (note one has clearly been improperly cleaned but good filler coin still)- $107 shipped ($100 item + $7 shipping)

    1 gram Pamp Fortuna 24k gold bar removed from holder and in 2x2 as pictured
    (see photos below with cent for size comparison if you've never seen one of these as they are small)- $45 shipped please note combined ship discount -$2 not -$7 on this item

    Below Listings in red Sold

    $16.50FV 90% 30 half's (26 Walker's 'all 40's dates see photos, some nice honest circulated coins not heavily worn' + 4 Franklin's) and 6 silver quarters ( 1938-S included)
    -$217 shipped ($210 item + $7 shipping) SOLD

    100 90% silver dimes- 99 Roosevelts (average circulated with very nice mix of dates as were pulled from folders) + 1 Barber dime-$130 shipped ($123 item + $7 shipping) SOLD

    18581905_10211732596464709_3264532965124238823_n.jpg 18491697_10211732597384732_8116283781522905479_o.jpg 18519773_10211732597704740_4959676126973321741_n.jpg

    Below sold lots
    18485799_10211732628345506_2795347965283036556_n.jpg 18485964_10211732626465459_3988734710703003792_n.jpg
    18620219_10211732597904745_3724428558808371206_n.jpg 18623327_10211732593664639_6276054038234164480_o.jpg 18527280_10211732593464634_2541176004554349360_o.jpg 18486055_10211732593184627_750762229673418712_n.jpg 18527822_10211732592864619_1070936176128103152_n.jpg
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