SOLD 19th C. love token on rare host coin (1798/7 16-stars dime), "CB" initials

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by lordmarcovan, Feb 18, 2020.

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    $1 start, no reserve, free shipping to US.

    If it hadn't been made into a love token, this would have been a four-figure coin, easy.

    Even as-is, it's still a really neat piece, and is still desirable and valuable as a love token. Even with the obverse gone (re-engraved), it is attributable as a 1798/7 16-stars dime because that variety is the only Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle dime with more than 13 stars on the reverse. Since at least 14 stars are visible on the reverse of this coin (albeit some rather weakly), it must therefore be the 1798 (8 over 7 overdate) 16-star variety.



    Psst! @C-B-D - want me to scratch an additional "D" on the end of those initials? ;)

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