1999P Delaware Quarter Possible DDO-001

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Michael Bertono, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Found this 1999P delaware quarter and it appears to be a DDO-001 according to
    http://doubleddie.com/184201.html if anyone can tell me if its a doubled die and if there is any collectable value. Id be thankfull for any information or input on this subject. Also wanna apologize for picture quality.. Capture+_2017-08-13-09-44-56.png Capture+_2017-08-13-09-44-43.png Capture+_2017-08-13-09-44-13.png Capture+_2017-08-13-09-46-08.png Capture+_2017-08-13-09-35-53.png
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  3. SorenCoins

    SorenCoins Well-Known Member

    Please upload a picture of the OF in STATES OF AMERICA.
  4. Again sorry for picture quality
  5. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    I'm not 100% confident on this one, but will say you've posted fairly convincing evidence imo. Have you been able to match any other of the mentioned markers?

    As for collector interest and value, this is something probably best told by completed (not open) eBay listings.
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  6. i found them all except for one which is the small die dot between the last two 9s on the date . The mark i see seems to be between the first and second 9 in 1999. Its so small its real tough to get a pic of
  7. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    Thanks, Michael. It would be nice if the Wexler image didn't have a hit on the earlobe, but like I said, it looks very promising to me, and I generally err on the side of caution when it comes to attributions.

    We've a number of members who have shown themselves to be very good in this area, and I hope they will stop in to take a look.

  8. SorenCoins

    SorenCoins Well-Known Member

    This is definitely from the die.
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  9. jay4202472000

    jay4202472000 Well-Known Member

    As Soren said, it's a winner. I hope you don't mind, but I rotated your image. The gouge at the F matches, and if you'll notice, there is another horizontal gouge/die scratch/die crack going east from the bottom of the top crossbar of the F that matches. The images that Wexler and other attributors put up are sometimes loaded with other die markers that are not listed in there markers write up. As a die ages markers come and go. If you will make it a habit to look closely at the images provided, you can sometimes confirm a die even if the coin you have is from an earlier or later die state, by matching markers that are not mentioned. Nice find!
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  10. Just wanna say thanks for everyone helping out in this post. Its a big help in gianing some usefull knowledge on the subject as it can be tricky in discering what is and isnt a error for a newer collector.
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  11. SorenCoins

    SorenCoins Well-Known Member

    Yah. Its actually a variety not an error, it is easy to become addicted to looking for these.
  12. non_cents

    non_cents The Frisco Kid

    I'm hardly an experts on quarter varieties (my specialty is Lincoln Cents) but it seems like the variety matches along with die markers. That's a winner in my book.
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