1999 Delaware Aluminum quarter

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by Nick62174, Apr 17, 2010.

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  3. david707

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    Titanium quarters? PS, I use a professional gram scale for gold...this weights 4.1 grams. Very strange! Could be a REAL counterfeit!
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    Are you related to the OP (Nick) somehow? ...meaning, did you weigh the OP's coin and that's what you got? I would expect an Aluminum (13) coin to weigh about half of a NiCu (28/29) coin.

    Besides, you don't have to counterfeit quarters. The South Korean 100 won coin is exactly the same size and weight of the US quarter...and costs half as much. Order a few bags of those and you'll be up to your keister in Yodell's and Mr. Pibb. :singing:
  6. david707

    david707 New Member

    Hey, I got yelled at for adding a new subject to this story-so I started a new forum topic...all the pics are there. If ya cut up an aluminum can and double it for the size of a quarter...it weights a bit! Now, how much is a bit...work work work...
  7. Jral1

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    I found a state quarter that had a wieght of 5.5 and I know my scale rounds up can this be an error? All the other state quarters I have wiegh in at 5.7 It looks pretty normal, thin planchet maybe. Any thoughts on this? I think it is a texas state quarter.
  8. ldhair

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    Maybe the folks that were making the Clinton quarters went a bit further.
  9. kcoggins17

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    Silver quarter

    Yea i got 3 2000 quarters s mint and they are 90% silver.. My wife works at a gas station and someone paid for thier stuff with 48 silver dimes and and those three silver quarters.. Idiot, probably stole his mom or dads collection, now its mine..
  10. sunflower

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    Maybe you got a future prototype by error?
  11. BMoscato

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    As the secret service dudes knock at the door...


    i have a 1999 p Delaware state quarter THERE IS no copper in it. silver all around. weighs 5.61 grams droppedon a wodden table along with a 1932 quarter sounds the same the32 weigh's 6.27 grams. the 1999p is not as thick as the 1932 . so i do not have a clad quarter. no copper. so you tell me what i got?
  13. yakpoo

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    It sounds like you have a silver quarter.
  14. l.cutler

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    Pictures would be necessary for proper ID. It sounds like you have a normal clad quarter or possibly one that has been plated. Weight is normal so it is not silver.
  15. paddyman98

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    Start a new separate unique thread. Try the Error Coins forum.. Pictures are needed!

    This is and old thread from 2010 :dead:
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