1999 & 1999-D pennies with possible errors

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    B2621DCD-9D15-4360-AC43-D87EE81CFCF0.jpeg A6C2F924-7B43-4D57-A66F-0EDB8750DF29.jpeg DDBF3967-1229-48AD-92EE-5D3A9734981D.jpeg F7AE3851-D0B7-4A9C-AA3C-5896603C880C.jpeg 47914758-C486-44EF-98A9-A5CCE08EF7CE.jpeg Looking thru some 99s tonight (I know, zinc, ew!) and noticed some odd things on a couple. The 99-D appears to have some doubling on the left edge of his ear and at least what looks like thickness in the ear lobe. Also the upper lip doesn’t appear to be connected to the bottom of the nose as it should be...
    On the Philadelphia coin, something that looks like possible doubling on Lincoln’s eye, but I can’t say for sure. What do you think community?
    The Philly 99 is first and the D mint coin is second.
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