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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by K2Coins, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. K2Coins

    K2Coins GO GATORS

    Shout out to @eric6794 for the cool 1998 Wide AM cent! Here are some pictures of it (best I could get with my phone). I'm hoping to be able to search some rolls over the summer to look for some more WAM's!
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  3. eric6794

    eric6794 Well-Known Member

    No problem K2 i'm glad it made it with no problems, maybe the US mail deserves more credit than I thought :) Best of luck in your search for more, the 99's are still out there but it just takes patience.
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  4. jonny oneal

    jonny oneal Member

    problem with looking for errors like this one is most if not all have been grabbed. i have found two wide a.m.s, but i want to take back what i said abut the cherry pickers guide books to coins: they are a waste since nearly every error listed is known to exist on about six or fewer coins. wish i had known the code in the books before i spent the money on them. if there are only two or three known examples of a coin listed in their books, then why buy? you have no hope of ever finding one.
  5. eric6794

    eric6794 Well-Known Member

    I havent bought a cherry pickers guide so I dont know what they list in them, for the most part you can search the internet for varieties and errors but i'm sure cherry pickers has some useful info in it. As far as everything being found I say you are wrong on that. Although errors and varieties are becoming harder to find due to more people searching for them and all of the new coinage be produced they are still out there it just takes time and diligence. The coin K2 posted was something I found a couple weeks ago, also I found a 1982 Kennedy with a DDO a month ago and a 1999 full BIE LMC that is now listed on the cuds on coins website. Although most errors are minor things like the 1969 s DDO are still being found in circulation,I seen one posted the other day on the coin community forum so dont get discouraged :)
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