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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by MatrixMP-9, Jun 13, 2018.

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    I picked up a roll of Quarters today at Publix. I am a complete rookie. Having said that, this quarter from a Loomis roll is a bit different. It looks much shinier in places almost mirror like and in others it just looks like a normal worn coin. The detail in places is actually really cool at least to me. Seems like there is much finer detail around the feet and leaves. Besides it being off struck a little, does this S quarter look right? Could it have been a proof or something that got out into circulation? It look clad from the side so I know its not silver or anything. Even the "edge" looks higher than normal. any ideas? I put it next to another quarter in one of the pictures for my own good so I could compare them. There seems to be little pieces of metal all over (like in the picture of the "B") I cant remember what you guys call that. Its cud or something if its near an edge but a die break or something in other places? IDK. 1998s1.jpg 1998s2.jpg 1998s3.jpg 1998s4.jpg 1998s5.jpg
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    A Proof Coin that was put into circulation is called an Impaired Proof

    That's what you have found
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    an abused proof
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