1998 penny

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by Bradford Adams, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. Bradford Adams

    Bradford Adams Active Member

    What is the grade on this Penny 20210223_113832.jpg 20210223_113852.jpg
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  3. DarkRage666

    DarkRage666 Tiredness taken over

  4. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    Forget the grade, it's worth one cent.
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  5. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Well-Known Member

    Its worth one cent not a wam
  6. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER

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  7. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Well-Known Member

    Or if you don't want to buy a book just get the pcgs app.
  8. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 Casual Collector / error expert "in Training "

    I have one too . It's a cent . IMG_20210126_051656440_HDR.jpg
  9. DarkRage666

    DarkRage666 Tiredness taken over

  10. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast

    Bradley - here's a link (PCGS Photograde Online - Estimating Coin Grades Has Never Been Easier) to a useful resource you can get online. But Chris offers a good reference text that might be more beneficial for quick lookups and for learning about grading on the whole. The coin you posted would probably grade MS but there are a few problems. Multiple nicks and corrosion/stains in obvious spots draw the eye away from key focal points. It is generally thought that the obverse sets the grade and the reverse goes along for the ride. I'm not sure of that and I include it when I'm setting a grade for a purchase I might make. And the desirability for a specific date/mm can affect how the graders will grade a coin (it's reached by consensus). And while that shouldn't factor in...it does. Spend any time at Heritage Auctions you'll see some wild grading...some too conservative but more quite liberal.

    Also - high grade Zincolns can draw incredible premiums. If you catch one early and prior to hydrozincite...you could have a nice payoff. The best thing to do is to go to Heritage Auctions, PCGS, other TPGs, and Ebay Coins (for sales figures) to get an idea on how much folks MIGHT pay. Unless you have a very high MS coin, it would probably not be worth having slabbed...unless you get it for a reduced price.
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