1997 D 1C Clad Error?

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by Cole Ringer Coins, Apr 19, 2024.

  1. Found this roll hunting and am not sure what this is, clad issue?
    The reverse looks like it may have diagonal die cracks?
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  3. Abramthegreat

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    @Cole Ringer Coins, unfortunately your coin has just been damaged, not an error of any kind. Good luck next time!
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  4. Spark1951

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    Zinc cents are not true clads, they are plated, produced in a different procedure than clad coins. If they were truly clad they would have exposed zinc on the edges and begin to rot immediately. The 1943 zinc cent was plated over steel, and when punched into planchets exposed the steel edge to the air. They were only made in 1943 because they began rusting and the American populace didn’t like them very much, if at all.

    Your coin has had the copper plating worn off from the high spots, probably from advanced circulation wear, exposing the zinc core underneath.

    The reverse has scratches, you can see how they ride up and over the design details…imo…Spark
  5. paddyman98

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    Dimes, quarters and Half Dollars minted after 1964 are composed of Cupronickel Clad.

    Cents made starting mid 1982 are copper Plated zinc planchets

    Your copper plated zinc cent has an altered surface due to environmental exposure.
  6. Bambam8778

    Bambam8778 Well-Known Member

    2 great responses with information you can take with you to learn while you are on the coin roll hunting journey. Lots of people here with vast knowledge to learn from and your post has great photos and a question that will help us to help you. The best information you will get on here is to learn how mint errors are made and when you learn that, you'll be able to answer the questions you have now. Thanks for posting!
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