1997 cent, major error or major nothing?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by CAB2, Jul 7, 2020.

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    About two months ago I submitted a picture of this coin to Jeff W., who said it was not mint damage and I agreed. In the mean time I now have a better viewing scope. I think Jeff thought the numbers and letters were indentions, I know I did at the time. I can now confirm they are all Raised. Jeff’s first call is probably still correct, just wanted a new review since I can confirm letters are indeed raised, thanks for you time and conclusions. 7CC7DEF0-1006-4B29-AC24-E24DA4DB848C.jpeg E20EEEA6-2996-40CD-B466-AF6D5E6AFC09.jpeg 7CC7DEF0-1006-4B29-AC24-E24DA4DB848C.jpeg E20EEEA6-2996-40CD-B466-AF6D5E6AFC09.jpeg D720133A-F753-4FF4-B474-C2F38A53DBAD.jpeg E5C87A0F-C054-42F5-9BEF-18647CE503CA.jpeg 58776A77-73B2-4221-94FC-A40153427A8B.jpeg DCDAB36D-C23E-47D3-B170-0E89076D928F.jpeg C37B3EEB-069C-49A3-BF10-212DC5D9A7DB.jpeg
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    So, what do you think caused them? ~ Chris
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    That is a vice job. Not of another coin that I recognize but the image of another object. That did not occur during the minting process. Not a Mint Error.
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  5. Heavymetal

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  6. Collecting Nut

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    Squeeze job in a vise. It was minted in Denver but there is a backwards S on Lincoln's neck. It's damaged.
  7. VistaCruiser69

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    Bolt damage 3.JPG Damage.JPG Bolt Damage 2.JPG Bolt damage.JPG
    Well here's a few clues. First pic is of what the OP posted but reversed. Second pix are of the most probable cause of the damage. A2-70 is a stainless steel bolt size. The "S" must mean something about the bolt like the manufacturer or something like that.

    Poor Abe. This time mashed by a bolt action.
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  9. CAB2

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    WOW, great investigative work. I never would have figured that one out. I’ve gotten several weird looking coins the last month or two going thru penny rows. I’m still learning. Thanks to all for being patient with me.
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