1996 P Quarter Possible Errors? Foud in coin roll

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by KArmstrong, Jul 7, 2018.

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    I found this 1996 P quarter while coin roll hunting. It has some odd things that I have never seen before. If you look at 'Liberty', 'United', and 'Dollar', you can see the rim appears to be pressed twice. There is excess on the lettering. Also, The 'B' in 'Pluribus' looks like is has an S over it. If you look at the top of the 'S', on the 'R' and the bottom of the 'F' you can see where it looks like a second image like doubling. Another thing I noticed is that it looks like the tip of the arrow may be going through the leaf. The leaf on the right side of the arrow is almost touching, where in other photos I have seen of this quarter there is a space. The edge is almost smooth and the notches or reeding is barely there in places. I have photos of all the questionable things in full image. I'm not sure about all of what I saw but that most definitely looks like an S on the B. It could just be from an overused or worn out die. P1200441.JPG P1200442.JPG P1200407.JPG P1200445.JPG P1200435.JPG P1200411.JPG

    It's probably nothing but I thought it looked kinda interesting. Then again I am new and still learning. Any thoughts?

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    In your 4th picture down do you see that little triangular hump above the arrow heads? That is the result of a die clash. Your coin is very circulated and has a lot of wear and tear. No extra value but still neat to find.
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    Technical term:

    Spare change
  5. haha Cold Blooded! i though it was a neat look.
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