WTS: 1990 US Mint Prestige set.

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    I have a 1990 US Prestige Proof set up for sale. This set includes the 1990 Eisenhower Commemorative Silver Dollar Proof. It is still in OGP, but has no COA.

    Will send photo's of complete set upon request. For now here is a photo of the Eisenhower Commemorative that is included with set. Most of the marks are on the OGP it is in. This coin looks much better in hand. 1990-P Ike1.jpg

    Asking $21.50 + $4.95 Shipping (US shipping only). Payment can be check, postal money order, or PayPal (preferred)

    If you live outside US, shipping will be whatever it costs to ship to your address.


    Thanks for looking...Mont
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