1989D doubling on front and back ??

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Is this a double strike date looks like under to rt

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  1. Lettering on back side double struck

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  2. I am new be hope im getting this rt

  3. If thats right or on track and vaule guess?

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  1. halfday40

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    20171012_164827.jpg 20171012_164827.jpg 20171012_164236.jpg 20171012_165010.jpg 20171012_164207.jpg 20171012_163748.jpg Hi all im a newbie but not a dummy, I have been doing my research. I belive im getting a understanding i do appreciate all of your guidance and info thank you all for taking your time.I have found alot but dont want to just post everything I think is a find been sorting and pile has got alot smaller is this a good find looking like so to me but newbie and still unsure thanks again ....

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