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Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Jimmy sanchez, Aug 23, 2019.



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  1. Jimmy sanchez

    Jimmy sanchez Active Member

    Hello all. I have a question regarding my 1989 D penny. Please help me understand the difference between a DDO/DDR or a mechanical punch. If I said it right. Here are two pics of the coin. My question is about the reverse side. Is it a DDR or a mechanical punch. I think im saying it right. Take a look and share your knowledge with me. Eager to learn. Thank you in advance.

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  3. paddyman98

    paddyman98 Let me burst your bubble! Supporter

    Why did you create a thread to sell this Cent over at the For Sale forum? Nobody told you it's a Doubled Die Variety!

    :banghead: Don't do that Jimmy.
    Nobody wil ever buy it! :facepalm:
  4. Jimmy sanchez

    Jimmy sanchez Active Member

    Sorry brother. I thought it did not go thru. It said error on my upload. It was supposed to go to the ERROR COINS. with better pics. I will take it down right now. Sorry again
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