1989 D LMC WDDO-001?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by bryantallard, May 23, 2020.

  1. bryantallard

    bryantallard show me the money....so i can look through it

    I'm trying my hand at cents (quarters are my go to normally) I was searching for RPM's when I noticed the extra thickness from the other 89's. found a potential listing. 3rd picture is from John's site as a reference marker. did I find the 001? thank you. 0.jpg 1 (1).jpg 2.png 3 (1).jpg 3 (2).jpg
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  3. Tin_Man_0

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    Is the thickness one of the markers to look for? because then you might have 2 and you might have something. One marker usually isn't good enough, especially since the Zincolins form little zinc rot bubbles everywhere, there's no telling if its a die gouge or a zinc rot bubble without scratching the surface to attempt to reveal it. So multiple markers are a big help.
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  4. rascal

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    The die marker or zinc bubble you are using is in the wrong place from Wexlers . Wexlers looks to be in the center between the coat folds.
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