1988 series A dollar bill question

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by devildogpride8, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. devildogpride8

    devildogpride8 New Member

    2 pretty simple questions. First on this bill (88' series A one dollar) where the Plate Serial Number would normally be it just has a small "4" is this correct.

    Second question is what I really am inquiring about. On the reverse off to the right of the "In God We Trust" it looks as if there is a small green number "8" printed on. It seems a bit out of place to me and not like other bills I have seen. Is this correct? I have taken a very cruddy cell phone picture that shows the location, but it can not show the figure itself.
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  3. devildogpride8

    devildogpride8 New Member

    picture issues and can not load right now. those curious please leave a message and I will try to email it around.
  4. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Innocent bystander

    Sounds like you have a Web-Fed note
  5. lettow

    lettow Senior Member

    As Steve indicated, what you have is a web note. This was a short series printed in the 1990s on a continuous feed press instead of the presses that printed on 32 subject sheets. Web notes are collected as a specialty and some of the block letters are scarce.

    Here is a website that explains these notes.

  6. devildogpride8

    devildogpride8 New Member

    Very Interesting. Never heard of them up until now. Just based on the shear number it looks like they produced during the 88 series I would assume it has no value outside of face and value I see in it?
  7. Dave L

    Dave L Junior Member

    There's an uncirculated example of the type you have with the 4/8 numbers. The Buy It Now price is 135.00 Check Ebay and other sites out to see what the going price is on the note. If it's in good condition, there's likely a bit of profit to be had if you're interested. I'd certainly hold on to it!
  8. devildogpride8

    devildogpride8 New Member

    I will most certainly hold onto it. Sadly the note is not in perfect condition, but is not in bad shape. Any threads on how to flatten out a bill w/o damaging it.
  9. devildogpride8

    devildogpride8 New Member

    Dave would you be able to post a link so I can follow it. I can not find it using a search
  10. Dave L

    Dave L Junior Member

  11. Numbers

    Numbers Senior Member

    Here's a website that breaks down all of the know series/block/run/plate combinations for the web notes, and gives value estimates in various grades. I should warn you that the values given on this site are in many cases unrealistically high, but it'll at least give you an idea of which combos are rare and which are common.
  12. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Innocent bystander

    Some of the Web notes are quite rare & expensive.
    This example is one of the rarest NON-STAR notes...


    .........and, I have the 88A Atlanta Star coming in the mail and it should be here by the middle of next week.
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  13. Zeplyn

    Zeplyn Dry Ink Seldom Smears

    I was reading about these this week as well and find them quite interesting. From what I understand the initial press run was in May of 1992 as the BEP began testing the high volume Web_Fed Intaglio press. With this type of press both sides of the note were printed at the same time or as a single pass so to speak from a continious roll of paper with a printing cylinder of 96 subjects. Plate numbers begin a new sequence on both face and back of the note with the #1.
    From my reading, the plate numbers used were 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10. Back plate numbers were 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and 8.
    There is a note that mentions 2 individuals that compiled the information Bon Vandevender and Jim Hodgson.

    Any one here know these guy's?
  14. urbanchemist


    you really cant flatten out a note without truly damaging it. you could put it in a book and put others on top of it. thats about it. as far as value it really depends on the block it is from. would need the full serial and what reserve its from. here are 2 from my collection.

    GP block value $100

    GQ block value $150
  15. Dr Kegg

    Dr Kegg Star Note Fanatic

    Nice note Steve!
  16. lettow

    lettow Senior Member

    Jim Hodgson is a regular contributor on the Collectors Universe forum.
  17. silentnviolent

    silentnviolent accumulator--selling--make an offer I can't refuse

    nice find hey I've gone through quite a few bands of 100 singles looking for one. no luck yet, but I'm hoping you'll say this is a circulation find so I get a quick morale boost....
  18. devildogpride8

    devildogpride8 New Member

    Wow! I never thought that this note that my 13 year old sister had crumpled up in her piggy bank would be so interesting. She gave it to me to buy her a burger and fries yesterday. I was about to spend the bill when I looked at it and it seemed weird so I hung onto it. Good thing I did. To boost the morale of silentnviolent I will say that this note was essentially found "in circulation" even though I have no idea how long it has been in that piggy bank. These sound like cool notes. I will definately be keeping my eye out for more. As for now the note will be put away for safe keeping. I am more into coins than I am paper money so maybe in a few months I will look to sell, but then again I like having odd pieces around so I might hang onto it. Keep checking ebay ;)
  19. papernewbie

    papernewbie New Member

    I was just given 5 bills of 1988A series. 2 -$1, 1 each of $5, $10, $20. None appear to be web type but the $5, $10 and $20 only have 1 letter at the start of the serial number. Is that right?

    Anything special about these bills?


    This note would not be consider rare then RIGHT?........... 1988A $1 Web Note GP 4/8 Run 8 GUESSING 75.00 IN CIRCULATED CONDITION AND THIS CHEAPER YET 1988A WEB NOTE PCGS 30PPQ ATANTA DISTRICT 50.00? [TABLE="class: my_itl-iT"]
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  21. jeremy burchell

    jeremy burchell New Member

    I have 1988 series A dollar bill also mines from Kansas city. The grade is bad but idk anything about it
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