1988 D LMC DDO and DDR?

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by Newbie69, Oct 10, 2020.

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    IMG_20201010_143318451.jpg Hey peeps been gone awhile just haven't had time for coins! Life sometimes gets in the way ya know! Hope everyone is Covid free! Well here we go, I set this one aside a couple of years ago and just getting back to it. This one I'm sure I posted about the pour laminating and not bonding in some areas of obverse and reverse. Looking closer I found what I'm fairly sure is notches on both sides but no such creature is listed. Which in my experience means I'm probably wrong about the whole thing but here we are. I just couldn't attribute all this to DD and Blistering both of which are evident on this Zincoln. Reverse shows notching at bottom right corner of memorial by initials and as well as being very prominent on FG, B/T columns 1,4,7 show what appears to be extra columns, also speration on top of memorial... IMG_20201010_133137014.jpg IMG_20201010_132815294.jpg IMG_20201010_133341275.jpg IMG_20201010_133317039.jpg IMG_20201010_132815294.jpg IMG_20201010_133317039.jpg IMG_20201010_130915926.jpg Obverse shows extra thickness of E.P.U and possibly notching as well. GOD shows desperation lines as well You tell me I've staired at it for to long and will start seeing pink fairies on it
    Soon! LMAO.
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    All I see is a zinc Cent with the more than usual problems. Any doubling I see is called NAV Doubling and that's worth face value. It's a poor strike and the Cent has plating blisters all over it, on both sides.
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  4. Newbie69

    Newbie69 Doesn't make cents!

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