1987 ddo doubling in hair

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by i2i, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Lincolns forehead appears to have a vertical crack which slightly misaligns his forehead. This causes the front lock of hair to appear doubled.
    This penny is also weighing in a bit heavy but could be do to what appears to be some extra copper from, die wear, lamination, or ??
    Yes, you can have lamination errors post 1982. It just has to involve only the copper layer.... but, again. This is weighing in heavy. My scale is not accurate enough. It rounds to the nearest .5g.

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  3. FooFighter

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    There are problems all over the front of that coin. Looks like Abe was tellin some lies and has a little Pinocchio goin on there too. Lol jus sayin
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    No o_O
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  5. R_rabbit

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    Foo you crack me up, lol.

    Imho,Zinc cents weigh in at 2.5g.
    Your coin is well circulated and environmentally damaged.
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