1987 D something is up with Lincoln’s cheeks

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Jay Nichols, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Jay Nichols

    Jay Nichols Member

    not sure what kind of error this is, it doesnt look like circulation damage to me. the cheek seems to extend dramatically to the eye. would this qualify as a variety?

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  3. steve.e

    steve.e Cherry picker

    Welcome to C.T. Looks normal to me. Maybe I'm missing something.
  4. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & avid numismatist Moderator

    Don't see anything unusual.
  5. paddyman98

    paddyman98 Let me burst your bubble! Supporter

    I see Die Deterioration on a Copper plated Cent. Could also be a bit of Environmental Damage affecting Lincoln's cheek.
    Edit*.. Overpolished Die affect on the cheek is another thought
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  6. V. Kurt Bellman

    V. Kurt Bellman Yes, I'm blunt! Get over your "feeeeelings".

    He's storing nuts in there until he can get back to his hollow tree. :D
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  7. tommyc03

    tommyc03 Senior Member

    In the close up of the cheek area I do not see anything out of the ordinary. Enlarged it becomes over pixilated so I can tell nothing. In general this date/MM was produced rather well overall with the exception of plating bubbles. What I did find on this same coin, going through a roll recently, was over polishing of the inner ear area, with much of the details missing.
  8. RonSanderson

    RonSanderson Supporter! Supporter

    For reference... The angle of lighting can affect which elements of the design are more prominent.
    01c 1987-D full 01v.gif
  9. David Setree Rare Coins

    David Setree Rare Coins Well-Known Member

    He had the mumps that day.
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  10. V. Kurt Bellman

    V. Kurt Bellman Yes, I'm blunt! Get over your "feeeeelings".

    I luvs me these gif's. I don't have the patience to make 'em.
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  11. coinsareus10

    coinsareus10 Well-Known Member

    None displaced FX mandible..J/K
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  12. V. Kurt Bellman

    V. Kurt Bellman Yes, I'm blunt! Get over your "feeeeelings".

    Colorize that beard, I say. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::vomit:
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  13. RickO

    RickO Active Member

    Normal cent... no error....
  14. Jay Nichols

    Jay Nichols Member

    thanks to all for responding... the photo doesnt do it justice for sure.. basically the cheek is thicker and seems oddly shaped but if I new I was right I wouldnt need to post. My question i guess, is if it is some kind of error, what kind??? Although Im starting to think the error isnt on Lincolns head but in mine. So heres a couple more photos. ......

    Also I want to say I find it amazingly kind that people here will share there knowledge and expertise with a total stranger, so thanks again.......

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  15. V. Kurt Bellman

    V. Kurt Bellman Yes, I'm blunt! Get over your "feeeeelings".

    [Bites tongue to the point of fairly noticeable bleed.]


    I'm mesmerized!

    The movement of the coin is mesmerizing. ;)
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  17. V. Kurt Bellman

    V. Kurt Bellman Yes, I'm blunt! Get over your "feeeeelings".

    Vhy sank you.
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