1986 P 5c Clashed die

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Heavymetal, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Heavymetal

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    30F3006C-6074-4D65-9EC4-A7FF724EC70F.jpeg 0C2303A3-86A0-4488-845D-59270B569583.jpeg 33921401-3196-4943-9530-85320B6DE406.jpeg EB0726F7-8E7E-4E53-998E-D97CB6E12D6D.jpeg 7CAC640B-1C5D-4B3B-B658-7F2049EEF01F.jpeg Over 30 years of faithful service Full retirement for this nickel starts today. Can see the o from Monticello at the rear of his head. Nice starburst on rev Dark pictures are just different lighting
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  3. paddyman98

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    The bust on the reverse is nice and clear!
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  4. Kevin Mader

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    Nice clash! Did you attribute it? I think I might have a few for that year. I'm not sure if it was that hard a crash though.
  5. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast

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