1986 D Lincoln (MM?)

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by PamR, Mar 29, 2023.

  1. PamR

    PamR Well-Known Member

    Is this more or less a die chip by the D mint mark or deteriorating die? I know Zincoln’s quality. Still looks interesting. To me anyway. Ty!

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  3. paddyman98

    paddyman98 I'm a professional expert in specializing! Supporter

    That's a plating blister.

    If it bursts this will occur..
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  4. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Supporter! Supporter

    As @paddyman98 already posted, most likely a plating blister. You know how I feel about Zincoln's and this is one reason.
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  5. PamR

    PamR Well-Known Member

    Yes I know exactly how you feel on those. Dang and my gut always says don’t post! Lol! Or maybe it’s mountain man saying no no no! Lol!
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  6. PamR

    PamR Well-Known Member

    Thank you!
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  7. Laurie B

    Laurie B Well-Known Member

    That does look neat though.;)
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