1984 DDR 001! Any die stage experts out there?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Wanderingbark116, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Wanderingbark116

    Wanderingbark116 Active Member

    Because I think this be an earlier die stage then the one pictured in the variety listing here:

    http://www.varietyvista.com/01b LC Doubled Dies Vol 2/1984PDDR001.htm

    I've included side by sides of the listing with my coin for DD verification since there are no markers because only MDS has been submitted. I did find some nice corresponding spots though! I included pictures of those as well.

    I have also included some examples of where there appears to be evidence of different die stages.

    Could the coin I found be a different die stage? Would that account for clearer spread/ separation lines? The orientation and location of the spread/ separation aligns so well I can't imagine it being a different variety. Would die stage account for this?

    And on a related, albeit less informational note, this is the first DD I've ever found! It is my baby now hahaha. I want to thank @Rick Stachowski for all his help!!! I learned so much! Thanks for pushing in the right direction :)

    20190624_015650.jpg 20190624_021046.jpg 20190624_021111.jpg 20190624_021018.jpg 20190624_021038.jpg 20190624_021304.jpg 20190624_020848.jpg 20190624_020910.jpg View attachment 955122 20190624_020958.jpg
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  3. Wanderingbark116

    Wanderingbark116 Active Member

    PhotoEditor-20190623214419.jpg Side by Side of CENT for DD verification, corresponding spot photos, and then examples of where I think there are indicators of different die stage.

    20190624_021331.jpg 20190624_014932.jpg 20190624_003102.jpg 20190624_015247.jpg 20190624_021242.jpg 20190624_010742.jpg 20190624_021331.jpg
  4. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    @Rick Stachowski is my go-to expert for die stages. Whoops, on closer read, I see he already helped you. If he can't help you, I doubt anyone can. Other than @Fred Weinberg , of course.
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  5. Wanderingbark116

    Wanderingbark116 Active Member

    He hasn't responded yet! I dont want to bother him directly. If he has the time I hope he takes a look :)
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  6. Rick Stachowski

    Rick Stachowski Well-Known Member

    Looks good to me .
    Pay no attention to the plating blisters, on coneca coin ...
  7. Wanderingbark116

    Wanderingbark116 Active Member

    Gotcha! Thank you!
  8. Wanderingbark116

    Wanderingbark116 Active Member

    @lordmarcovan can you delete this for me I need to repost I put the wrong listing number and link in! Sorry!
  9. Wanderingbark116

    Wanderingbark116 Active Member

    Did an overlay on what I'm pretty sure is a die gouge. Looks the same. And a few of the side by sides show difference in detoriation flow and coneca coin has die chips, mine does not. Theirs is listed as LDS. Could mine be MDS? Do you think it's worth submitting to James Wiles?

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