1984 D Lincoln penny doubling

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by Jodemi, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Jodemi

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    5C765F2D-38FF-47E2-82BD-F8D24AF5B4DE.jpeg 1FA5B699-E117-4CC4-B825-B7E1E644A4DA.jpeg I have this 1984 D penny found in change. I think it’s doubled on the date and most of the letters. I just want to have someone to look at it and tell me if it’s really doubling I’m seeing. Im fairly new at coin searching. Thanks for your help.
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  3. MeowtheKitty

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    Meow has noted that a lot of times a shiny coin will reflect its own devices, and appear as doubling. If you can see it only at certain angles, that would be a result of that.
  4. Collecting Nut

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    The doubling you are seeing is a result of the copper plating on a zinc planchet after it was struck. Very common. The dies are also worn adding to this.
  5. Jodemi

    Jodemi Member

    Thank you.
  6. Sarah Keele

    Sarah Keele Member

    Check out 1984d lincoln cent listing on wexler's coins and die varieties http://doubleddie.com/828865.html
    most doubled die varieties are well documented and if you can match your "doubling" to a known variety you'll be more likely to have something of note. This one is as others have said a good ole 1 cent penny.
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