1983 penny zinc was not copper plated

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by banks hard wood, Jul 7, 2013.


whats it worth?

  1. nothing?

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  2. 5$

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  1. banks hard wood

    banks hard wood Woman that loves Her Husband

    Here's a penny that was not coated with copper 1983.. Is it worth anything.?? IMG_4173.JPG
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  3. Hunt1

    Hunt1 Active Member

    Nothing really, because with an acid dip the copper plating is easily removed, leaving a pitted finish to the underlying zinc core.
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  4. non_cents

    non_cents Well-Known Member

    You could probbly get 1c out of it at a grocery store.
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  5. BadThad

    BadThad Calibrated for Lincolns

    It WAS plated, then the plating was removed with acid. PMD
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  6. dsmith23

    dsmith23 Gotta get 'em all

    You didn't add 1 cent to your poll, which is what this is worth.
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  7. banks hard wood

    banks hard wood Woman that loves Her Husband

    well i posted the penny be cause it is a friends in NM. and He asked me and I did not think it was worth anything. Any one have a value of a penny set from 1909-1929 full set and 1930-1958 value? Thanks I put together two books of each and thinking about selling them. Some coins are better than others f+ on all the coins in the set's. Thanks
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  8. Galen59

    Galen59 Gott helfe mir

    1 Cent
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  9. GmaDebiWebi

    GmaDebiWebi New Member

    I have one that has no copper and NOT been acid washed to remove it because the finish is amazing. You can tell it was pressed like that
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  10. frankjg

    frankjg Well-Known Member

    Post a picture. It was probably dipped in something.
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  11. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    Afraid that one is PMD.
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  12. Jersey John

    Jersey John New Member

    We soaked them in vinegar back in the day....
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  13. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    It's a Cent, not a pickle.
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  14. Phil's Coins

    Phil's Coins Well-Known Member

    Speaking of vinegar: I have a friend who wanted me to evaluate his pennies, both lincoln and Indian Head. He brought them to me and I was almost crying. The FIRST Lincoln Cent I looked at was a 1909 S. I ask him what made him want to soak them in vinegar and he wanted them to be nice and clean for me. He had others that WOULD HAVE BEEN semi valuable if he had not ruined them in vinegar. Why would ANYONE who collects even consider a vinegar soak???
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  15. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Well-Known Member

    Welcome to CT Debi. You need to start your own post WITH PHOTOS in order to elicit worthwhile answers. Coins aren't "pressed". Good luck.
    BTW, here is my spiel on photos.
    You should always post in focus FULL IMAGE photos (after you upload your photo, two buttons appear: Thumbnail and Full Image, click Full Image and your photo appears full size on your post and is easily enlarged by clicking on it). Photograph coins on neutral backgrounds like black, grey, or white. Crop out superfluous background so just the coin shows, and post photos with correct orientation so members don't have to turn their computer in some awkward fashion to view it properly. While it isn’t always necessary, it is nice to show both the obverse and reverse, even if your question is just about one side. Members can often give more valuable information having both sides to evaluate. Add close ups of areas you have questions about and make your questions as definitive as possible so we know what you are asking for. And try to have the best lighting possible to show the most favorable photo of the coin. Hope this helps in the future. Good luck.
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  16. thomas mozzillo

    thomas mozzillo Supporter! Supporter

    Trying to place a value on a complete set without seeing the coins is too difficult to give an estimate. Even the 1909-1929 set is over 60 coins. The 1909 S VDB in F-15 is at least an $800 coin.
  17. Floydz09

    Floydz09 New Member

    Question on this penny I found one that's not pitted and also from 1983 looks identical to my 1943 steel pennies is there other ways of removing the copper without damaging the penny?
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  18. Heavymetal

    Heavymetal Supporter! Supporter

    I don’t see a pic
  19. Heavymetal

    Heavymetal Supporter! Supporter

    There’s chemicals...
    And pounding it in leather
    Usually slightly larger circumstance when pounded
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  20. Floydz09

    Floydz09 New Member

    Here it is

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  21. Floydz09

    Floydz09 New Member

    No trace of copper on it anywhere

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