1982 D copper (I think large date) doubled die

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by RachelRuth, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. RachelRuth

    RachelRuth Active Member

    Now, I know y'all always hear this from me but I feel like this is the real deal finally. I see many differences in this country than I do any of the others.

    What do y'all think?

    It is larye date right? And yes I weighed it. What do you think it would grade? It's very pretty that's for sure. It is a beautiful color. The reverse looks to have more doing than the obverse. (Only if it is in fact hub and not just MD or die deteriation it wouldn't surprise me to say the least).

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  3. Dave363

    Dave363 Supporter! Supporter

    It's a large date but I would need clearer pictures for me to give you and opinion maybe others have better eyes because the first pic appears to be DDD. JMO
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  4. RachelRuth

    RachelRuth Active Member

    Yeah, honestly after looking at more pics I don't think it's Dd.

    Thank you though tons.
  5. RachelRuth

    RachelRuth Active Member

    Here anyways.

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  6. steve.e

    steve.e Cherry picker

    Possibly an rpm. Look at the serrifs on the D.
    Cant tell if that is splitting or the light playing tricks on me.
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  7. MatrixMP-9

    MatrixMP-9 Active Member

    Nice find Rachel! I hope its a good one! I like the picture up top of the obverse...it does have nice color.
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