1981 LMC DDR or DM?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by MaxG, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. MaxG

    MaxG Active Member

    Hello coin community, I am unsure if this passes as ddr or just md? Cant find any on info on wexlers or varietyvista.
    @Rick Stachowski Snapshot@2019_0209_165141.jpg Snapshot@2019_0209_164608.jpg Snapshot@2019_0209_164623.jpg Snapshot@2019_0209_164630.jpg Snapshot@2019_0209_165026.jpg Snapshot@2019_0209_164903.jpg Snapshot@2019_0209_164702.jpg Snapshot@2019_0209_164728.jpg Snapshot@2019_0209_164805.jpg Snapshot@2019_0209_164412.jpg
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  3. MaxG

    MaxG Active Member

  4. Bate

    Bate Active Member

    MD in my opinion
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  5. AhmedGindy

    AhmedGindy Member

    I would say MD but that S & D is weird.
    I will wait for the experienced guys to learn more from their opinion.
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  6. VT4Pac

    VT4Pac Active Member

    I think it is MD as well but I'm no expert. If it isn't then I'm pretty stupid because I've thrown many back into circulation that look just like this based on what I think I have learned.
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