Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by dlp_dlp21, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. dlp_dlp21

    dlp_dlp21 Active Member

    Can anyone see what they think last number is?
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  3. Idries Pappas

    Idries Pappas Collector of US Coinage and Stampage

    It's copper, right?
  4. dlp_dlp21

    dlp_dlp21 Active Member

    Yes my first guess was 82 but you can see a bottom hook like which 2 doesn't have
  5. Legoman1

    Legoman1 Active Member

    If copper, I think it's a 1982.
    If not, it looks like an '83 or '88 to me.
  6. Legoman1

    Legoman1 Active Member

    Also, I just noticed, I think that it could be an '81. The "hook" could be a small cud around the digit.
  7. dlp_dlp21

    dlp_dlp21 Active Member

    Naw it's not an 81 it is copper I'm going to go with 82 small date cause how God and liberty is shaped
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