1978 P 1DO-002 fr this time

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Way, Oct 17, 2020.

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    Sorry about your accident, been there done that, it's tough. Coins are a great way to keep occupied and stay sane. Your coin just doesn't match though.
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    Six Toes Tommy ? Ha Ha
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    Morning Cutler .
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  5. Clawcoins

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    Think of it this way (assuming I have it right too lol )

    (a) Working Dies are made from (b) Master Hubs. If the (b) Master Hub is pressed off the 2nd time then that, and ONLY that one particular (a) Working Die will be a DD. They'll make hundreds of Working Dies which most will be fine.

    That one particular (a) Working Die *will* have the die markers from the (b) Master Hub.
    But if they press all the other (a) working dies properly then you will only end up with 1 Die that is DD, and say 99 others that are not DD. But all the Working Dies will have the Die markers because they are from the same Master Hub.

    Then the (c) coins are made from the (a) Working Die. The only (c) coins that are DD will come from that one particular Working Die, not all the Working Dies. The Mints run multiple machines at the same time, and only one of those machines, with that one particular Working Die (until they replace it), will create DD coins. And they'll cull many of the DDs if they find them in quality check.

    Basically remember one Working Die lasts about 3 days in manufacturing (it varies) but that will give you an idea if there's 12 months of production, with multiple machine producing coins.

    So you have to confirm the exact DD first.
    Then the die markers should then provide further affirmation in relation to the Master Hub.
    Die Markers mean nothing if your coin does not match the DD *first*.

    This is why it is so utmost important to learn and understand the entire Minting process.

    Of course Doubling could happen in other parts of the minting process, once you understand that. This may help, although simplified and for categorizing. But you can see the various Double Die in the process at the top and the different classes at the bottom ==> http://www.varietyvista.com/15 Golden Dollars/Doubled Die Numbering System.htm
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    I'm done here.
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    Coming up to 1,000 posts in just over two weeks!!!
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  9. Kentucky

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    I would assume referencing me.
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    Leave me alone please . Thank you . Ruining my Sunday
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    @Kentucky was just pointing out that when there are muliple responders to an OP, if you use reply or quote it is easier to keep track of who is replying to what.
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    I wish people would stop . Don't drink and go on forum please .
  13. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else

    I have been teetotal since I left the army 25 years ago. Don't make assumptions
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    Google "Hemingway cats".

    It's a real thing, unlike the OP's DDO.

    Here's a link for y'all.


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    Stop responding to him.
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