1976 S proof Toned?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by MaxG, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. MaxG

    MaxG Member

    Is this proof cent toned? It gives off a purple reflection on reverse when hit by light. Also the Memorial and Letters have either no copper on it or is it just toned? I have no idea about this types. Any opinions?

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  3. MaxG

    MaxG Member

  4. MaxG

    MaxG Member

    here are close ups

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  5. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    How could a copper cent have no copper on it? Riddle me that.

    Your coin is toned. A very nice toning IMO.
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  6. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    Attractive coin, post it in the "Post Your Lincolns" thread.
  7. MaxG

    MaxG Member

    lol idk..i guess what i meant was the frost of it.
  8. Rick Stachowski

    Rick Stachowski Well-Known Member

    Here's my purple people eater .
    Which is also QDR .



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