1976 $2 FRN First Day of Issue - Stamp Happy

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by goincarcrazy, May 18, 2012.

  1. goincarcrazy

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    I've had this for some time and always treated it as an oddity, which since I've never seen another one so absolutely plastered with stamps, I guess it kinda is. I just wanted to ask if there was any sort of regulation or procedure to these on the day they came out (proper stamps used, number of stamps, etc). Sadly I wouldn't come into being for another 11 years after the $2 FRN coming out. Of course I'll also ask how these are valued. I know the standard ones with the 13 cent bicentennial stamp and single cancel go for $5-$10, but I also saw some more "filled up" ones going for a bit more. Was this just someone dreaming or does business=money? Thanks for any info you have!


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  3. clayirving

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    I collect Series 1976 $2 Federal Reserve Notes with a First Day of Issue stamp and postmark. In my opinion, multiple stamps on the note doesn't add much value because I primarily look for the type of stamp, the city where the note was postmarked, and the district.

    The good news is the stamp is Scott Number 1278, "Prominent Americans - Thomas Jefferson" and it isn't a very common stamp used on First Day of Issue notes. Coincidentally, the combination of the stamp and the San Francisco Federal Reserve District is one of the notes that I need. So, if you decided to sell the note, then it definitely would bring a premium from a buyer like me!
  4. Numbers

    Numbers Senior Member

    The first-class postage rate at the time was 13c, so that probably explains why there are thirteen 1c stamps on the note. I guess somebody wanted to use the Jefferson stamp to match the Jefferson portrait on the note.... I'm not sure whether they actually needed thirteen of it, though; since the bill wasn't actually being mailed anywhere, I'd think the post office would've been just as happy to postmark it with 1c of postage.

    To the previous poster...it looks like the pictured note is Richmond district, not San Francisco.
  5. goincarcrazy

    goincarcrazy Spends His Money On Money

    Yeah, I thought it to be a little obsessive but pretty interesting nonetheless. And yes, it is indeed Richmond.
  6. clayirving

    clayirving Supporter**

    Doh! I just noticed the "E" before the left serial number.
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