1974-D Mint Sewn Bag of Error Cents ALL ERRORS!

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Yokozuna, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Treashunt

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    not an error, PMD.
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  3. Yokozuna

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    coop, thanks for the info. I bought 100 hard plastic coin tubes and moved all the coins from the mint bag to tubes with caps that will not damage the coins. As I did this, I found 2 more strange things about this bag of coins.

    At first I started putting the coins in 2"X2" flips so that I could work to find how many die sets the bag has. I put just under $5.00 in coin flips and then put them in 3-hole pages so I could sort them. When I got in the tubes, I emptied the bag. I filled all the tubes and had coins left over. After checking the total number of coins in the bag, my $50 mint sewn bag had $56.24 (plus or minus 25 or 30 cents.) Has anyone ever seen a bag with an extra 10%?

    Second, 50 coins will not fit in the tubes. I can only get 48 in each tube. I tested the tubes with a fresh roll of coins from the bank and an old roll of cents and I can fill the tube and cap them with no problem. If I tried to put 50 of the '74-D coins in, the cap cannot make contact with the threads on the tube. By the way, the $56.00 + is counting 48 cents in each tube.

    I also got a coin ANACS graded at MS66 RED with "OVERPOLISHED DIES" listed on the label.

    I don't know where this bag will lead me, but I'm having so much fun with it! I'm finding lots of coins with the columns showing on the front even with the overpolish and lots of Lincoln on the reverse.

  4. Scott E dont

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    I have found the 1974 d aluminum penny or silver penny!!! I have a stack of the copper pennies that have turned red over the years finally got the aluminum [...]
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  5. Jjj

    Jjj New Member

    1974 d have one with star on right shoulder
  6. Lfreebird

    Lfreebird New Member

    old post I know, but anfollow-up on this? I have a few from rolls.
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  7. Ed Owens

    Ed Owens New Member

    I just found what I think is an error on a 1974 D penny. I followed a link here after a google search with someone talking about almost exactly the same error and people calling his a coin roller damage or it just happened to get hit just right. I think the odds on the last one to be highly unlikely. The pic looked more intentional. My error however shows zero evidence of even being touched by a coin roller. So I am thinking his is an error too given how alike they look.

    Here is a pic.

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  8. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

    Hey Ed, that's post mint damage. The last digit of the date took a hit and pushed the metal over giving it the appearance of a mint error.
  9. Sophiexo

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    Concerning on one of your videos on cointalk.com please contact me Use "conversation" ( PM) not phone # or email.
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  10. Ed Owens

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    I don't have a video on cointalk. If you mean pictures then say what what it is you have to say in a reply. Thank you.
  11. troy phillips

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    Whatcha think of this one?

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  12. Dontknowmuch

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    THAT!!!!!!!!!! IS AWESOMMMMME!!!!!! TOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!! I'd put "COIN B****" but I don't want to get kicked out..............PLEASE don't kick me out. WOW!!!....WHAT A COOL FIND!. VERY HAPPY FOR YOU. I spend most of my time SEARCHING for things like that!....I JUST LOVE THAT STUFF. And did I say "WOWWW" yet?. Congrats
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    Aw what the heck.....**WOW!!!!!**
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