1974-D Cu Penny DDO-002?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Tankkiller275, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. Tankkiller275

    Tankkiller275 Active Member

    I have been looking through my pennies and then when I see an anomaly I reference the date of the coin with various sites. I came upon this 1974-D penny and thought the date looked as though there was an error/flaw. Is this an RPD or a DDO-002? It looks very similar to the picture from the www.varietyvista.com site, which I included in the pictures below. What say you?

    1974 D Copper Penny DDO.002.a.jpg 1974 D Copper Penny DDO.002.b.jpg 1974 D Copper Penny DDO.002.1a.jpg 1974 D Copper Penny DDO.002.1b.jpg 1974 D Copper Penny DDO.002.1b.arrow.jpg 1974 D Copper Penny DDO.002.2a.jpg 1974 D Copper Penny DDO.002.2b.jpg 1974 D Copper Penny DDO.002.2b.arrow.jpg

    This next picture is from the varietyvista site:
    1974 D Penny DDO VarietyVista Listing.jpg
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  3. Danomite

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  4. Robert Ransom

    Robert Ransom Well-Known Member

    Appears to be MD to me also.
  5. Tankkiller275

    Tankkiller275 Active Member

    Danomite and Ransom, Thanks.

    What makes the 1974-D DDO-002 then? It just seems as though my coin looks very similar to the pictures for the varietyvista site. This is what makes it challenging to know what you have when you have it. Some things are very obvious but some things are not. Huh. oh well. Again thanks.
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