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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by straz1359, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. straz1359

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    please can anyone tell me anything about this coin? it is tiny, round, silver and has a G with an Aand the roman numerals vi in the middle, a single crown at the top. the reverse side has a number 10at the top the words ore sverige next and two tiny symbols at the bottom, one i cannot read and the other is the letter u. anyone know a value? the year is 1973. thank you!
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  3. satootoko

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    Hi straz, and [​IMG] to CoinTalk.

    Sverige is Swedish for Sweden. In their monetary system 100 ore = 1 kronur, so you have a Swedish dime. The "u" is Mint Master Benkt Ulvfot's mark, applied during his 35-year tenure, beginning in 1961. The GA VI is the mongram of King Gustaf VI, who ruled from 1950-73. His son Carl XVI Gustaf is the current monarch.

    There were 160,740,000 of those coins minted in 1973 and the retail values given in the Standard Catalog of World Coins are 15¢ for eXtra Fine, 25¢ Uncirculated, and $1 Brilliant Uncirculated. In anything less than XF it's a "junk box" coin worth very little.
  4. chrisild

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    Sverige is the name of Sweden in the country's language. The GA monogram refers to king Gustaf Adolf VI. Value in USD should be less than 1.00 ...

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