1973 Canadian Large Bust Quarter

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by mrlayance, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. mrlayance

    mrlayance Junior Member

    Does anyone have a example of this? I can't find a picture of what it should look like.
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  3. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

    I believe that you have your date wrong :D

    You went an edited on me. Now that helps. Give it a little time and Bromac should be able to help you in your quest.
  4. mrlayance

    mrlayance Junior Member

  5. bromac4

    bromac4 Senior Member

    Here is a very poor scan from the 2005 Charlton catalogue.Basically on the large bust the rim denticles are much closer to the rim. Sorry about the scan.


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  6. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

    Right on cue sir
  7. mrlayance

    mrlayance Junior Member

    Thats enough to tell me I don't have one :(

    Thanks for your help.
  8. Aidan Work

    Aidan Work New Member

    Cindy,this old thread will be right up your street,as it were.

  9. Twiggs

    Twiggs Coin Collector

    thanks Aidan..was enough to tell me I dont have one either..lol
  10. Topher

    Topher New Member

    Me neither. :(
  11. Aidan Work

    Aidan Work New Member

    The 'Large Bust' ones are rare.

  12. Topher

    Topher New Member

    Yeah, no kidding. But I've managed to find the 1985 pointed 5 penny, so there's hope for me yet. :D
  13. Aidan Work

    Aidan Work New Member

    Chris,I wonder what Cindy's 666th. posting will be about.Perhaps it will be about Canadian coins,no doubt.

    Did you buy a 1970 10c. coin for your collection in the end?

  14. Topher

    Topher New Member

    It's funny you should mention that. I visit the same bank tellers every week, and I was mentioning it to her, and she has another regular client who collects, but on a much grander scale than I, and she is going to ask him if he's got a spare that he's willing to part with. I guess it's not bad enough that I've got about 10 people arleady on the case! LOL
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