1972P Eisenhower Dollar Type 2 Reverse

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Chuckster 125, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Chuckster 125

    Chuckster 125 Senior Member

    I picked up 17 1972P/D Ike's from my local bank today.

    This is the only one that looked different on the Reverse.

    Pretty sure this is the scarce Type 2 reverse on this coin. :smile

    I don't collect Ike dollars, so any input from " Ike" experts is appreciated!


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  3. diocletian

    diocletian Senior Member

  4. Chuckster 125

    Chuckster 125 Senior Member

  5. Chuckster 125

    Chuckster 125 Senior Member

    *Updated info- 01/03/2010* I just got confirmation from Bill O'Rourke (Found-In-Rolls)

    This coin is indeed the scarcer 1972P Variety II Eisenhower Dollar :) *
  6. Pocket Change

    Pocket Change Coin Collector

    Congrats on that! I dabble in Ikes because they're affordable, large and shiny.

    What kind of condition is that one in? If you don't collect them, you'll make some other collector happy because even if it's in F/VF condition, certain people will pick it up just to fill the hole untill they can afford a MSxx example.

    Actually, if it isn't MS quality, I think it's price is somewhat in uncharted territory - a real case of the coin is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

    In any case, congratulations (again)!
  7. USS656

    USS656 Here to Learn

  8. Art

    Art Numismatist?

    Nice find. :thumb:
  9. Chuckster 125

    Chuckster 125 Senior Member

    Thanks! and it is a circulated coin, not MS.

    I don't plan on selling it at this time, just add to my individual type collection especially since this coin has been called the "KING" of the Ike's, it's nice to have found one.
  10. Stewart

    Stewart Searcher of the Unique

    There is another set of markers you may want to investigate on your
    1972 T2 Ike that has not reached the level of general knowledge.
    There are two different 72 T2's. The March release and the August release.
    The March release is by far more scarce Here is a link to an article by John Roberts to help you Identify which one you have. I hope this helps.


  11. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

  12. Chuckster 125

    Chuckster 125 Senior Member

    Stewart & Jello, Thanks for the extra inputs/sites!

    Based on the pics from the ANACS site my coin is the August Release.

    It appears to have the correct die markers in the O & by the E in E. Pluribus.

    Here are some more pics of my coin.

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  13. Stewart

    Stewart Searcher of the Unique

    Congrats on Identifying your first Ike Variety:hail:
    The Web site the Jello gave you the link to is ground zero for Eisenhower Dollar Variety Research, They are a Great Bunch of Guys at the Ike Group:thumb:

  14. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    Glad to help!:kewl:
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