1970 D 1 Cent Is this a Small date?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Coinblaster, Jul 8, 2020.

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  3. Danomite

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    All 1970-D are large date. Notice the tail of the 7 extends lower than the 0. 1970-S are the only known small dates.
  4. Coinblaster

    Coinblaster Active Member

    This looks like a large over a small date and I thought the 9s weren't suppose to be curved
  5. Danomite

    Danomite What do you say uh-huh Supporter

    There are a couple a marks on the tail of your 9, any curving is probably PMD.

    This is a well known variety, if there would have been a small date in another mint mark it should have been documented by now. Of course there can be a first, but yours is normal.
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  6. Coinblaster

    Coinblaster Active Member

    Ok thank you
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  7. Danomite

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    I understand what you are thinking. So consider this, the 1990-D cent mint mark.

    In 1990 and 1991 the Mint began applying the mint mark to the master die for circulation strike coins. After 1994 the mint mark was placed on the master design.

    A major turning point for hub and die production in the U.S. Mints came in the summer of 1996 when the Denver Mint opened its own die making shop. Prior to this, all aspects of the die making process were done exclusively at the Philadelphia Mint. The new Denver die shop was equipped with the single-squeeze hubbing presses that the Mint started developing in the mid-1980’s.


    Is it possible that a working die meant for 1990 Philadelphia production was altered to be used at Denver? Could it have the MMS-012? Or, .... the MMS- 13 in a different position? It’s always good to ask questions!;)
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  8. Coinblaster

    Coinblaster Active Member

    Ok thanks a lot
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