1968 S Double Die Penny

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by wrestlover, Jan 18, 2010.

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    It's cool bud you didn't know I was a dumb (Edited: Language)
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    I'm not sure if I'm in the right area of using the right protocol or you know like I said I barely learned the basics on a computer shoot I thought I was all cool about a year ago with a flip phone.so thanks for being patient with me .anyway I got all the wheat cents except for a few .I got the coolest most colorful 1909 vdb and 1909 no mint mark I will put a couple pictures of them so you can tell me what you think I know it's not a key date but it's the first ones and the rest of what I got are in circulated. Teens good,20sgood, 30s good 40s uncirk,50s uncirk to mint all 60s same 70s same I'm only missing a few out of all those.I got a lot of drama going on and going through pennies chills me out.I'm not some weirdo I said I was in DOC for a real long time I'm not some you know what I mean and I will give you my basic info if you want to check but I was in there for breaking into a police station and taking everything out of the evidence room a truck load of guns drugs and money and swat team gear bullet proof vest Kevlar helmets. My fault I'm not trying to brag or highsite but that's what I did it was cool but not worth 10 and a half years .this penny stuff keeps me busy out of trouble well this is the longest question ever I don't usually do this so don't worry I feel pretty stupid right now I don't care thank you
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    Hi Danny and welcome to the site. edited
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    How do you post a coin. On here. I got a 68s penny 2 toned color on the back and it missing letters on one cent. Gots c t
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    First thing you need to do is start a brand new thread separate from this one.

    Look for the upload a file button. Choose large picture then create thread. Maybe ask a friend or family to help you.

    BTW, This is an old thread and many of the members shown are no longer on CoinTalk

    Welcome to Cointalk
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    After you got it downloaded in your device click the middle one and upload it from there...

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