WTS: 1967 Canada Anniversary of Confederation Gold/Silver Set for MELT; Canada Dansco Type Set 1858-1952

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    Hi everyone,

    First up: a 1967 Canada Anniversary of Confederation set, complete with the gold $20 coin with .5288 ounces of gold. Asking $795 including shipping via small Flat Rate Box. I think that at current prices, the gold coin alone is worth more than $760!!! Grab it before it's gone.

    Second: a partial Canada Type set (1858-1952) housed in a beautiful out of print Dansco album. Some beautiful coins in here, especially the 1935 and 1936 silver dollars. Asking $299 including shipping via Flat Rate envelope.

    Payment via Paypal only. Good luck!
    IMG_0958 (1).jpg IMG_0955 (1).jpg IMG_0954 (1).jpg

    IMG_0967.jpg IMG_0966.jpg IMG_0965.jpg IMG_0964.jpg IMG_0963.jpg IMG_0962.jpg IMG_0961.jpg

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