1965 Silver Dime?? MS66!!!

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Jesse Gillispie, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. UniqueDesigns

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    Clad on coins is not supposed to be Silver. Unless forged in China, COL
    NGC claims their Xray Spectrograph reads through slabs.
    Whether it can penetrate the surface to metals within a coin, I don't know.
    If going to and from some 'local' brick and mortar is more than $150, then sending it to NGC for that $70+ service might be worth the S&H to and from, instead.
    Should it be found a Silver example, then having NGC reslab it with an updated label reading Silver would be worth every penny, IMO, even if the grade is reduced.
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  3. MisterWD

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    That's not the edge of the dime that you are looking at. That is the light reflecting off the back side of the plastic surface of the coin holder. The lines you see are where the high points of the reeding are against the plastic.
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  4. 19Lyds

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  5. 19Lyds

    19Lyds Member of the United States of Confusion

    Minor correction here.

    ALL 40% Silver Coins produced by the US Mint consisted of 80%Silver/20% Copper CLADDING over 20% Silver/80% Copper cores.
  6. Kentucky

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    Guys, this is over, he cracked it out, it IS a clad.
  7. BooksB4Coins

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    Can't say I'm surprised. Did he take it well and hopefully as a lesson learned?
  8. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    See post #130 and I had a PM from him...you know those guys from KY stick together. :)
  9. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    Word has it folks from Kentucky are prone to feudin, so that makes perfect sense..... I kid, I kid.

    That said, I did read the entire thread, including said post, but assumed he was simply agreeing in regards to the existence of a gasket. Oh well... it's certainly not the first time, and I do hope he'll take something good away from the experience and stick around, even if a little thin-skinned. We'll toughen him up. ;)
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  10. Fallguy

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    Look "Eternal Newbie" from New York, if you've got something to say, then say it . . . otherwise, bugger off!
  11. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    I already did, and in a way easily understood by the average child. If unable to grasp the obvious, you're in need of more help than I can offer.
  12. Fallguy

    Fallguy Active Member

    It could be that your friend Gilbert was merely poking fun at a news agency and as such, it was nothing more than a coincidence to the fact that our First Amendment and a Free Press is under an attack not seen in the history of our Nation. If in fact, no harm was meant and the poster was not acting with malice aforethought, then to him I apologize, but I apologize not one wit for my snarky poke at the other so-called "News" outlet; other than the fact that this forum was not an appropriate place to post it.

    (...) So let's see if we can't find an amicable end to this increasingly uncomfortable situation.

    Semper Fidelis,

    USMC - Ret.
    RVN 66-67 OIF 03-04

    PS: You do know that "Semper" is the root of your "Sempiterna"?
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  13. chrisild

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    Stop the political debate please. Now.
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  14. Fallguy

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    I've had my say and I need say no more; at least in terms of politically related discourse. I would note that though I understand your position and am more than willing to comply, this does nothing to end my distress about being attacked and insulted by a 3rd party, who as yet has neither stated a grievance nor tempered their rhetoric. I would like to think that Administers/Moderators would/will use an even handed approach in dealing with matters of this nature.

    I have, for the most part, enjoyed this forum; to the point of even being a willing "Supporter". I truly like and appreciate being able to learn from others, and to the extent of having potentially useful information or experience, helping others learn. I whole heartedly agree that this is not the place for things not numismatic; other than the occasional good natured banter that can help lighten the mood when a thread begins to become repetitious. While I should not have been so foolish as to get hooked into a "Barbed Wire Tornado", I would be saddened to depart this forum just because gratuitous indictments, lacking (or avoiding) specificity of charge(s), were allowed to continue unchecked. Thank you for your time and understanding.

    Semper Fidelis, Fallguy
  15. Kentucky

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    Wow, you got your panties in a twist...
  16. Paul Otts

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    The color of the coin should be easy to determine between clad and 90% silver. There is a drastic difference especially in higher grades.
  17. Dynoking

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    RVN 66-67. Can you explain?
  18. cpm9ball

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    Republic of Viet Nam 1966-1967

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