1965 Quarter weighs 5.74 grams

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Momof4, Apr 12, 2020.

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    I sat this quarter aside a couple months ago because at first glance- it didn’t look like an ordinary quarter. It’s extremely shiny and smooth and even though my photos don’t show it- it is in very nice condition and the details just really stand out more than usual! When I weighed it- it just kept fluctuating between 5.7 & 5.8 grams. I recently upgraded and bought a new scale and it weighs 5.74 grams! I’ve now weighed it about 20 times along with 20 other quarters from 1965-1970 (those all weighing in between 5.62-5.67 grams). I have spent hours researching the 1965 quarter and any errors for that year. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I know there are a couple silver 1965 quarters, but obviously mine doesn’t weigh enough, plus there is copper you can clearly see along the edges. I know this is about the same weight as a 40% silver quarter, which wasn’t made that year! So any lead in the right direction I might want to make to see what it is or ANY THING you could help me with- I THANK YOU in advance!! Well..........unless you’re just going to tell me it’s NOTHING- just an ordinary 1965 quarter- well......... Thank you just a little bit!

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    It's normal. A lot of coins have a plus or minus weight varience that are within tolerance. Yours is just a bit heavier but within tolerance.
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    All planchets aren't rolled exactly the same. Slightly thicker, slightly heavier.
    Even if you scale is 100% accurate, the difference is 7 hundredths of a gram.
    As Paddy mentioned, it is within tolerance. +/- .227g. 5.443-5.897.
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