1964D Kennedy - Is this a RPM?

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by mlgdave, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. mlgdave

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    I have 9 of this particular die variation, looks like the D was overpunched? I have tried to find pictures of the die variations on variety vista but only get descriptions. The coin is in exceptionally good condition. I bought 1200 kennedies that have been in hiding since 1964, they are all in similar condition to this, some with bad bag marks, but most are very high luster, well struck and for certain uncirculated.
    I would love advice on should I get these graded and the possible worth? If they arent at least $30.00 then no sense since grading is $20

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  3. jaceravone

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    Congrats! It looks at though you found a beauty. It appears to be the FS-503 from what I can compare your pic to the CPG. As for value, as always, its what someone would pay for one, but in MS 63 a normal would be worth $13 and the variety would be worth $45. In MS65 a normal one would be worth $15 and a variety would be worth $65.
    Variety Vista is great, but does have its limitations....primarily no pics. This is why it is mandatory to have a copy of the CPG (Cherrypickers Guide) with you. Whenever I find varieties like this, I usually send them into ANACS. ANACS will give you a discount for already determining what the variety is prior. $7 vs $14. (I think). Plus, if you get a discount you won't have that much into the coins. Either way, you will still end up having about $20-25 into each coin. I will send all my high dollar major varieties into NGC or PCGS. Good luck. Joe
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  4. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

    Based off the photos, if you were to consider reselling the coin, I would probably advise against getting this one slabbed. Looks like it will have a tough time reaching 63 with the bag marks.
  5. non_cents

    non_cents Well-Known Member

    Nice RPM! (Repunched mintmark)

    I would keep it raw. I don't think the price you would get for it would justify slabbing costs.
  6. jallengomez

    jallengomez Cessna 152 Jockey

    If you can get a 64 or better, and if you can get it from PCGS, then you could certainly profit from getting this coin slabbed. 65 in PCGS plastic have been selling for above $200, and 64s for around $100. Key words: 64 or better and PCGS. My grading experience is with Lincoln Cents so listen to the opinions from the Kennedy experts, but I don't think a 64 would be impossible with this coin. With submission directly through Teletrade the slab with attribution would cost you $17. Easy money. That's if you want to sell it though. If you want to keep it for your personal collection then probably no need given the cost of having it slabbed through a dealer.
  7. Coinman1974

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  8. foundinrolls

    foundinrolls Roll Searching Enthusiast

    Check IN GOD WE TRUST. There are some nice doubled die varieties on 1964 D Halves that can be found.
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